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About Raynecloud Jewelry

My name is Kim Banfield. I create my jewelry in my home studio. Well, that would be a couple of desks strewn with my multiple tools and beads organized neatly in storage bins.

My process tends to begin with the colors and then the beads. From there I usually know what I want to do with them. I am very much a fan of the color and texture of stone beads. I also love playing with metal. Playing doesn't seem like a word one would use with metal, does it? Trust me. It's fun -- especially when a torch is involved.

I got started around 2008 or 2009. I picked this up as a hobby at first to create presents for friends. But I started to enjoy it. Eventually I took advanced courses at my local community college with a wonderful teacher. I learned a lot about chainmaille and metalworking. I even learned lost wax casting. But, it's not something I've carried along with me at the moment. I am proud of the pieces I made in class though.

My favorite stones? I'd have to say labradorite, chalcopyrite, and perhaps amazonite -- of brazillian origin. It's a nice light color. Besides the beads, I also have a small rock collection at home. My favorites from my collection are the atacamite and the chrysocolla.

If you want to contact me, go over to the right of this page and use my contact form. Whether you want to tell me how much you like something, you see something you like but you want it customized, or whatever -- I'm here to answer you.





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